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plistの被依存性 Latest version of the following gems require plist


Ruby FFI bindings for libimobiledevice

84,980 ダウンロード

high_five 0.3.23

Build, minify, and deal with different platforms and environments for your HTML5 app. ...

84,476 ダウンロード

ecb 0.0.45

Various utility commands for building eBay mobile Core

83,126 ダウンロード

cheatset 1.4.2

Generate cheat sheets for Dash

77,736 ダウンロード

devdnsd 4.0.1

A small DNS server to enable local domain resolution.

72,600 ダウンロード

textpow 1.4.0

A library for parsing TextMate bundles

63,057 ダウンロード

flip_the_switch 1.0.3

A simple library to help enabling/disabling features on iOS/Mac applications.

62,604 ダウンロード

deploygate 0.8.3

You can control to DeployGate in your terminal

59,304 ダウンロード

fastlane-plugin-polidea 4.0.1

Polidea's fastlane action

51,388 ダウンロード

branch_io_cli 0.13.1

Set up mobile app projects (currently iOS only) to use the Branch SDK without opening X...

46,603 ダウンロード

u3d 1.2.3

Provides numerous tools for installing, managing and running the Unity game engine from...

44,970 ダウンロード

rails-routes-js-utils 4.0.2

Make rails route available via window.Routes

43,500 ダウンロード

xcselect 0.1.11

A more user friendly interface to the xcode-select command showing more info, xcsim - a...

40,505 ダウンロード

furoshiki 0.6.1

Create .app, .exe, and $LINUX_PACKAGE versions of your application, with its own embedd...

38,523 ダウンロード

coloration 0.4.0

Color scheme converters for vim, textmate, kate/kwrite, jedit

37,170 ダウンロード

xpcomcore-rubygem 0.6.4

Gem to allow for using XPCOMCore via RubyGems

35,337 ダウンロード

bigkeeper 0.9.21

Efficiency improvement for iOS&Android modular development, iOSer&Androider using this ...

34,362 ダウンロード

bigkeeper 0.9.21

Efficiency improvement for iOS&Android modular development, iOSer&Androider using this ...

34,362 ダウンロード

ruby-xcdm 1.0.0

Ruby DSL for creating Core Data Data Model files without XCode

32,598 ダウンロード

ipa_install_plist_generator 0.2.0

Generate iOS .ipa (app) install Plist file and link

31,354 ダウンロード

dacpclient 0.3.4

A DACP (iTunes Remote protocol) client

31,133 ダウンロード

jenkinsutil 1.0.72

Gem for managing tasks in CI

28,801 ダウンロード

launch-agent 0.9.0

A library to use launchd easily

28,307 ダウンロード

zucchini-ios 0.7.3

Zucchini follows simple walkthrough scenarios for your iOS app, takes screenshots and c...

28,202 ダウンロード

fastlane-plugin-ciutils 0.2.5

Various utilities for iOS CI

26,236 ダウンロード

mercure 0.1.7

A tool that works only with plist files

25,756 ダウンロード

fastlane-plugin-xml_editor 0.2.0

Generic xml editor for iOS and Android projects.

23,146 ダウンロード

gin 1.2.1

Gin is a small Ruby web framework, built on Rack, which borrows from Sinatra expressive...

23,043 ダウンロード

airservice_build_tools 0.0.9

Build tools

22,798 ダウンロード

ovpnmcgen.rb 0.7.1

Generates iOS configuration profiles (.mobileconfig) that configures OpenVPN for use wi...

22,378 ダウンロード

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