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rbt 0.6.53

This gem is called RBT, which stands short for the "Ruby Build Tools". Essentially, this is a collection of different ruby scripts/classes that may allow you to compile or otherwise install programs from source or from binary, from a remote or from a local location. Even if you do not plan to install or compile anything, many different programs are registered in this project, which may help you in other ways, such as if you wish to determine which particular binary on your Linux system belongs to which particular program. In August 2018, the Cookbooks project was merged into RBT, mostly because it is easier to keep the code synced that way. The Cookbooks project, available under the Cookbooks submodule (at RBT::Cookbooks) is tasked to handle the dataset that keeps all "cookbooks" registered. In some ways the Cookbooks submodule is similar to the LFS/BLFS (Linux from Scratch / Beyond Linux from Scratch) project and can be seen as complementary to these projects. Note that the rbt project as a whole may do some changes, when installing something, which may be unwanted by you. For the time being, this will remain this way, so I do not recommend anyone to use this project in production - but eventually, there will be an option called --simulate, which will sort of simulate, without installing or changing anything persistently. There are presently 3561 registered programs available in the RBT project. For more information about the project, have a look at the documentation, which can be found at the bottom right side of the homepage of this gem ( or simply visit this link, directly: )


  1. 0.6.53 - March 21, 2019 (1.74 MB)
  2. 0.6.52 - March 19, 2019 (1.74 MB)
  3. 0.6.51 - March 17, 2019 (1.74 MB)
  4. 0.6.50 - March 14, 2019 (1.73 MB)
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Required Ruby Version: >= 2.6.2

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