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studium 0.1.208

This project is called "studium", which is german for "studies". In a nutshell, this project attempts to help in study-related and exam-related topics. For example, to prepare for exams. There are also some helper classes that may aid in regards to studies - upcoming exams, weekly schedules, planning, score points and ECTS points. Please do note that this project is specifically tailored to my own needs. I am perfectly fine to add code that may be useful for others too but most of the time invested into the project is because I needed it. This was why I have created this project too, in the first place. The downside is that this gem may thus not be very useful for you - apologies for that. Now, if we look at exams, there are various means in how to practice and prepare for them. One of the best and simplest strategy, in my opinion, are "flash cards", e. g. mnemo/mnemonics cards. On one side, the question is written down, and on the other side, if you flip the card, the answer is written down. This helps quite a lot. But it is just one strategy of many others. You obviously need an exam-dataset for the given topic at hand, of course. This will reside within the directory called exam_topics/ and I recommend you to come up with your own exam dataset. But as of Jule 2017, I am also distributing my own dataset, which is one reason as to why the gem here is quite large. The format for these exams must be simple, that is - one question and one answer per line. More about this, see the doc/ directory of this gem.


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