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apminsight 1.0.1

ManageEngine Applications Manager APM Insight gives you end-to-end web-transaction awareness of Rails applications enabling you to isolate performance issues and resolve them quickly. To monitor Rails application performance, download and deploy Applications Manager's Ruby agent(apminsight) in your Application Server. This agent allows you to send information about Ruby applications. You can install APM Insight Agent via Rubygems or download it from Applications Manager's website:

          gem 'apminsight', '~> 1.0.1'

          gem install apminsight

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  1. 1.0.1 - July 6, 2012 (25 KB)
  2. 1.0.0 - March 15, 2012 (25 KB)
  3. 0.0.3 - March 15, 2012 (25 KB)
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