For all applications (you are not a mouseclicker, are u?), once in a while you need to supply some configuration values to overrule the built-in defaults. The app-ctx gem does unify and organize built-in constants, config files and commandline option with a clearly defined priority, from low to high: - procedural: set from your implementation App::Config#set_default_values - YAML default values file loaded from next to the $0 script - user supplied configuration file, eg.: --config=/tmp/foo.yml - command line options and flags: --foo --bar=foo But for your application it is of no interesst from where the values are coming: command line option: "--port=1234", a user configuration file or from the applications built-in default values. Therefor +app-ctx+ combines value settings from various sources into a single configuration hash.

installgem install app-ctx

Ryan Davis

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gem 'app-ctx', '~> 0.1.6'
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Runtime Dependencies
  1. hoe >= 1.2.0