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awestruct 0.5.4

Awestruct is a static site baking and publishing tool. It supports an extensive list of both templating and markup languages via Tilt (Haml, Slim, AsciiDoc, Markdown, Sass via Compass, etc), provides mobile-first layout and styling via Bootstrap or Foundation, offers a variety of deployment options (rsync, git, S3), handles site optimizations (minification, compression, cache busting), includes built-in extensions such as blog post management and is highly extensible.

          gem 'awestruct', '~> 0.5.4'

          gem install awestruct -v 0.5.4


  • MIT

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  1. 0.5.6.beta7 - November 13, 2014 (95.5 KB)
  2. 0.5.6.beta6 - November 12, 2014 (95.5 KB)
  3. 0.5.6.beta5 - November 5, 2014 (95 KB)
  4. 0.5.6.beta4 - October 24, 2014 (95 KB)
  5. 0.5.6.beta3 - October 22, 2014 (96 KB)
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Any markup languages you are using and its dependencies. Haml and Markdown filters are touchy things. Redcarpet or Rdiscount work well if you're running on MRI. JRuby should be using haml 4.0.0+ with Kramdown.'