backend-toolkit =============== A set of classes that simplify building a scalable backend for your app. Requirements ---------------- * redis (server and ruby gem) * json gem Installation ---------------- $ gem install backend-toolkit Development & Testing ---------------- $ bundle install $ rake Usage ---------------- ```ruby require 'backend-toolkit' # TO DO ``` Contributions ---------------- * Check commits history and issue tracker to be sure that no one else is working on the feature you want or are fixing the bug you found. * Fork the project. * Create a feature/bugfix branch and work on it. * Please add all tests needed to have a reasonably coverage of the new feature or bug that you are fixing. * Rebase your branch and open a pull request. * Please don't mess with the Rakefile, version, or history. License, Authors & Contributors ------- Check LICENSE.txt and AUTHORS.txt

installgem install backend-toolkit

Stefano Fontanelli

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gem 'backend-toolkit', '~> 0.0.1'
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Development Dependencies
  1. rake ~> 10.0.4