People love Base classes! They have tons of methods waiting to be used. Just check out `ActiveRecord::Base`'s method list: >> ActiveRecord::Base.methods.length => 530 But why stop there? Why not have even more methods? In fact, let's put *every method* on one Base class! So I did. It's called Base. Just subclass it and feel free to directly reference any class method, instance method, or constant defined on any module or class in the system. Like this: class Cantaloupe < Base def embiggen encode64(deflate(SEPARATOR)) end end >> => "eJzTBwAAMAAw\n" See that `embiggen` method calling `encode64` and `deflate` methods? Those come from the `Base64` and `Zlib` modules. And the `SEPARATOR` constant is defined in `File`. Base don't care where it's defined! Base calls what it wants! By the way, remember those 530 ActiveRecord methods? That's amateur stuff. Check out Base loaded inside a Rails app: >> => 6947 It's so badass that it takes *five seconds* just to answer that question! Base is just craaazzy! It's the most fearless class in all of Ruby. Base doesn't afraid of anything!

installgem install base

Gary Bernhardt

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gem 'base', '~> 0.0.2'
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Development Dependencies
  1. hoe ~> 2.12
  2. rspec >= 2.1.0