Bus Scheme is a Scheme written in Ruby, but implemented on the bus! Every programmer must implement Scheme as a rite of passage; this is mine. Note that all the implementation of Bus Scheme must be written while on a bus. Documentation, tests, and administrivia may be accomplished elsewhere, but all actual implementation code is strictly bus-driven. Patches are welcome as long as they were written while riding a bus. (If your daily commute does not involve a bus but you want to submit a patch, we may be able to work something out regarding code written on trains, ferries, or perhaps even carpool lanes.) Bus Scheme is primarily a toy; using it for anything serious is (right now) ill-advised. Bus Scheme aims for general Scheme usefulness optimized for learning and fun. It's not targeting R5RS or anything like that. == Install * sudo gem install bus-scheme

installgem install bus-scheme -v 0.6

Phil Hagelberg

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gem 'bus-scheme', '~> 0.6'
  1. 0.7.6 March 16, 2008 (24.5 KB)
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  3. 0.7.1 January 17, 2008 (11.5 KB)
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  5. 0.6 December 17, 2007 (10.5 KB)
Runtime Dependencies
  1. hoe >= 1.3.0