This is a Compass Plugin that utilizies the Unsemantic CSS Framework ( by Nathan Smith. This plugin is very simple way to allow people to create a Grid system for websites using the unsemantic-vars.sass file within the sass/partials folder. This does not include the adapt version. This is only for the responsive version of the framework. I have duplicated the code from sass/partials/unsemantic-vars.sass file to the main .sass file for the compass plugin so it will be easier to implement the @import. Instead of @import "compass-unsemantic/unsemantic-vars" people can just write @import "compass-unsemantic" at the appropriate places. This plugin is mainly meant for people who want to roll their own grid using the Unsemantic CSS Framework ( For documentation on where to add these import statements refer to

installgem install compass-unsemantic


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gem 'compass-unsemantic', '~> 0.1.6'
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Runtime Dependencies
  1. compass ~> 0.11