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cpp_engine 0.0.4

cpp_engine is an build system for C++ projects, It works like Make but much better. Compring to Rake, cpp_engine is more targeted at building C++ project I just started developing this system. Since I am a student in NYU, the effort I can put on this project is limited. if you are interested in it, please send me email:) To use this system, you need to create a file named "enginespec" in your working dir. An example of enginespec is as follows: compile(["*.cpp"]){|config| config.flags=["-O3", "-msse2", "-msse3", "-mfpmath=sse"] config.header_dirs=["include1","include2"] config.lib_dirs=["libdir1","libdir2"] config.libs=["math","openGL"] config.product="xxx" } After this file is created, you can simply run cppengine to build your project

          gem 'cpp_engine', '~> 0.0.4'

          gem install cpp_engine

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