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datacom-net-ldap 0.5.0.datacom

Net::LDAP for Ruby (also called net-ldap) implements client access for the Lightweight Directory Access Protocol (LDAP), an IETF standard protocol for accessing distributed directory services. Net::LDAP is written completely in Ruby with no external dependencies. It supports most LDAP client features and a subset of server features as well. Net::LDAP has been tested against modern popular LDAP servers including OpenLDAP and Active Directory. The current release is mostly compliant with earlier versions of the IETF LDAP RFCs (2251-2256, 2829-2830, 3377, and 3771). Our roadmap for Net::LDAP 1.0 is to gain full <em>client</em> compliance with the most recent LDAP RFCs (4510-4519, plutions of 4520-4532).

          gem 'datacom-net-ldap', '~> 0.5.0.datacom'

          gem install datacom-net-ldap --pre


  • Francis Cianfrocca, Emiel van de Laar, Rory O'Connell, Kaspar Schiess, Austin Ziegler


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