DRbService is a framework we use at LAIKA for creating authenticated SSL-encrypted DRb services that provide access to privileged operations without the need to give shell access to everyone. There are a few examples in the `examples/` directory of the gem, which are stripped-down versions of the services we actually use. The current implementation is kind of a hack, but I intend to eventually finish a DRb protocol that does the same thing in a more elegant, less-hackish way, as well as a tool that can generate a new service along with support files for one of several different runtime environments. If you're curious, see the `drb/authsslprotocol.rb` file for the protocol. This will replace the current method-hiding code in `drbservice.rb`, but existing services should be able to switch over quite easily. Or that's the intention.

installgem install drbservice

Michael Granger

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