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fuzzy_associative_memory 1.3.2

A Fuzzy Associative Memory (FAM for short) is a Fuzzy Logic tool for decision making. Fuzzy logic FAMs have a wide range of practical applications: Control systems, such as governing a fan to keep a room at the "just right" temperature; Game AI, such as imbuing bots with human-like decision-making behavior; Prediction systems, linking causes with effects. A FAM uses Fuzzy Sets to establish a set of rules that are linguistic in nature. The linguistic rules, and the fuzzy sets they contain, are defined by a human "expert" (presumably, you). The rules therefore codify intelligence and map this knowledge from the human domain to the digital.


  1. 1.3.2 - September 12, 2013 (60 KB)
  2. 1.3.1 - September 2, 2013 (58 KB)
  3. 1.3.0 - September 2, 2013 (58 KB)
  4. 1.2.0 - August 23, 2013 (58 KB)
  5. 1.1.1 - July 26, 2013 (57.5 KB)
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