This gem automagically prepares complete URIs for Gravatar, for both avatars and profiles, with all currently supported options, included the XML-RPC API, as of 2014-04-30, starting from a single email address! It's my first 'real' Ruby gem, hoping it will be useful for someone (let me know if you use it, please!). GNU GPLv3 license; source code available through anonymous checkout: hg clone or write me and I'll send it. You can even decide to contribute to this little free software project by registering to Savannah and ask to be part of the 'gravaty' project! With contributions from: 新部裕, Peter R. Marreck, Jon Maken, Łukasz Niemier.

installgem install gravaty

Marco Bresciani, 新部裕, Peter R. Marreck, Jon Maken, Łukasz Niemier

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GNU GPLv3, 3-clause BSD

gem 'gravaty', '~> 3.5.8'
  1. 3.5.8 September 22, 2014 (4.76 MB)
  2. 3.5.7 September 3, 2014 (4.76 MB)
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Runtime Dependencies
  1. i18n ~> 0.6
  2. json ~> 1.8
Ruby Dependency
  1. ~> 2.0
  1. ~> 2.0
  2. [<Gem::Dependency type=:runtime name="i18n" requirements="~> 0.6">, <Gem::Dependency type=:runtime name="json" requirements="~> 1.8">, <Gem::Dependency type=:development name="bundler" requirements="~> 1.7">, <Gem::Dependency type=:development name="rake" requirements="~> 10.3">, <Gem::Dependency type=:development name="rdoc" requirements="~> 4.1">, <Gem::Dependency type=:development name="simplecov" requirements="~> 0.9">]