The Grepper class greps through files, and returns a result set of Grepper::Result objects. Each Result object represents the matches found in a single file. The Result contains a set of Grepper::Match objects. Each Match object represents a line (the line that matched) and before- and after-context arrays. If no before or after lines were requested, those context values will be nil. To use, you prepare a Grepper object; call <tt>run</tt> on it; and walk through the result set. This distribution comes with the Grepper::Formatter class, which is built on top of Grepper and provides fairly canonical-looking output by walking through Grepper objects. (See <tt>lib/formatter.rb</tt>.) Meanwhile, here are the details.

installgem install grepper -v 0.9.2

David A. Black

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gem 'grepper', '~> 0.9.2'
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Runtime Dependencies
  1. hoe >= 1.8.2
Development Dependencies
  1. hoe >= 1.8.2