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kame 0.5.0

Kame (Japanese for turtle) is an implementation of the Logo programming language built as a challenge to myself. I wanted a simple way to introduce programming in Ruby to my daughter and thought this would be fun. With Kame, you control the movement of a turtle around the screen by programming commands. With these simple commands your turtle will draw you a picture. It's a nice introduction to programming for kids and will also help their maths :o)

          gem 'kame', '~> 0.5.0'

          gem install kame

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  1. 0.5.0 - November 13, 2011 (9 KB)
  2. 0.4.0 - November 11, 2011 (8 KB)
  3. 0.3.0 - November 10, 2011 (7.5 KB)

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