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mail-single_file_delivery 0.0.1

# Single File Delivery Method for Mail gem ## Summary This gem is a delivery-method plug-in for [mail]( that delivers all mail to a single file for testing. The Mail gem already provides a file delivery-method that appends a copy of each message to a file named after each message recipient, but I want them to all go to a single file so that I can monitor them from another window with `tail -f my-file`, or `cat my-named-pipe` while I hand-test the web interface from a browser. Of course this is _in addition to_ running automated tests with Rspec and Cucumber. At some point in development, I want to actually see the pages and enter my own inputs and perhaps display the mail messages in an HTML reader. ## Synopsis Mail.defaults do delivery_method SingleFileDelivery => '/tmp/my-file.txt' end


  1. 0.0.1 - January 1, 2012 (5.5 KB)

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  • Larry Siden, Westside Consulting LLC



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