What is send? ============= It’s a tiny wee ruby gem that is a fork of [Object#try]( and [Object#try from Rails]( It will *never* throw a NoMethodError (no matter the receiver), and returns nil if called on a nil-class or if the method in the receiver does not exist. Note on Patches/Pull Requests ----------------------------- 1. [Fork me!]( 2. Write tests for your new feature or bug fix (important, I don’t want to break your stuff in a future update by accident!) 3. Hack away on the code; make your tests pass. 4. Commit! Don’t touch Rakefile, version or git history in any of the commits you want me to pick. 5. ??? 6. Send me a pull request!

installgem install object-send

Kim Burgestrand

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gem 'object-send', '~> 1.0.1'
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Development Dependencies
  1. rspec >= 1.2.9