ontoMDE-core is basically a library for loading a RDFS model in ruby memory and process it to do something usefull such as generating Java or C++ code. ontoMDE-core is used by ontoMDE-uml2 which adds UML2 meta-model definitions and some helper methods. ontoMDE-uml2 is in turn used by ontoMDE-uml2-java which adds methods and rules to generate java5 code. But ontoMDE-core is *not* *UML* *specific* and can be used with *any* RDF[] / RDFS[] model such as those created with Protege_2000[]. This opens to ontoMDE-core users the ability to generate code from custom DSL[] models, or join different models. This gem bundles, ontomde-inspector which is a web server for browsing a model and a meta-model inside a running ontomde generator. Inspector is available as an independant script but may also be run from generator (such as ontomde-java with option --inspector or --inspectorAfterLoad ) to provide a view of model before or after generation.

installgem install ontomde-core

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