You've seen Getopt::Long, OptionParser, Thor? What the world needs now is one more command-line parser. This serves as a backend command line parser that passes the option-parsing portion of it off to OptionParser, Trollop, or any other option-parser that has an adapter[^adapter]. But the parts it *does* do are really exciting: It features arbitrarily deeply nested subcommands, optionally colorized help screens with smart formatting, automatically generated usage syntaxes, manpage generation[^maybe2], lazy-loading of subcommands, and (get this:) you can turn your command line app into a web app. (is processing a form then displaying a record really that different from CLI that does the same?)[^maybe3]

installgem install optparse-lite

Chip Malice

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gem 'optparse-lite', '~> 0.0.0'
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