RubyGems is a package management framework for Ruby. This gem is an update for the RubyGems software. You must have an installation of RubyGems before this update can be applied. See Gem for information on RubyGems (or `ri Gem`) To upgrade to the latest RubyGems, run: $ gem update --system # you might need to be an administrator or root NOTE: RubyGems 1.1 and 1.2 have problems upgrading when there is no rubygems-update installed. You will need to use the following instructions if you see "Nothing to update". If you have an older version of RubyGems installed, then you can still do it in two steps: $ gem install rubygems-update # again, might need to be admin/root $ update_rubygems # ... here too If you don't have any RubyGems install, there is still the pre-gem approach to getting software, doing it manually: 1. Download from: 2. Unpack into a directory and cd there 3. Install with: ruby setup.rb # you may need admin/root privilege For more details and other options, see: ruby setup.rb --help

installgem install rubygems-update -v 1.4.1

Jim Weirich, Chad Fowler, Eric Hodel

6,043,432 total downloads 26,333 for this version


gem 'rubygems-update', '~> 1.4.1'
  1. 2.2.2 February 5, 2014 (408 KB)
  2. 2.2.1 January 7, 2014 (406 KB)
  3. 2.2.0 December 26, 2013 (405 KB)
  4. 2.2.0.rc.1 December 20, 2013 (405 KB)
  5. 1.8.29 November 24, 2013 (271 KB)
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