RubyTree is a pure Ruby implementation of the generic tree data structure. It provides a node-based model to store named nodes in the tree, and provides simple APIs to access, modify and traverse the structure. The implementation is node-centric, where individual nodes in the tree are the primary structural elements. All common tree-traversal methods (pre-order, post-order, and breadth-first) are supported. The library mixes in the Enumerable and Comparable modules to allow access to the tree as a standard collection (iteration, comparison, etc.). A Binary tree is also provided, which provides the in-order traversal in addition to the other methods. RubyTree supports importing from, and exporting to JSON, and also supports the Ruby's standard object marshaling. This is a BSD licensed open source project, and is hosted at, and is available as a standard gem from The home page for RubyTree is at

installgem install rubytree

Anupam Sengupta

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