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vimrecover 1.0.0

This package provides a handy command to help you recover from Vim recovery files. Vim makes .swp files as you edit your files so that if an edit session crashes you can recover the latest changes you haven't saved. Unfortunately though, there's no easy way to compare a saved file with the recovery file, so if a session does crash you are often left with many .swp files that you have to save under new names one by one and compare to the original files. vimrecover searches for swap files in the current directory, converts them to files that can be compared to the original files, lets you compare them with meld, deletes them if they are the same as the original files and generally helps you clean up the mess. vimrecover is an interactive command-line program.


  1. 1.0.0 - June 9, 2008 (6 KB)

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  • lesliev



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