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  1. 92 downloads
    arcgis (0.0.15) A simple wrapper for ArcGIS Online sharing API
  2. 348 downloads
    archdown (0.4.1) download library with command-line tool
  3. 1,506 downloads
    ar_checked_migration (4.0) Determine whether or not ActiveRecord migrations are considered safe to ...
  4. 1,393 downloads
    archer (0.0.2) plays archer sounds
  5. 166 downloads
    archerfinley-google4r-checkout-1.0.5 (1.0.5) This gem aids in integrating the Google Checkout API with your existing rails site
  6. 2,250 downloads
    archerplume ( ArcherPlume Blog FrameWork is a gem in which users can install and after installing , can copy th...
  7. 4,823 downloads
    archetype (1.0.0.alpha.4) Archetype is a Compass/Sass based framework for authoring configurable, composable UI co...
  8. 331 downloads
    archetype-base (1.0.0.alpha.2) An Archetype extension for defining the base of your page
  9. 344 downloads
    archetype-base-h5bp (1.0.0.alpha.4) An Archetype extension that provides hooks into using HTML5 Boilerplate's CSS reset
  10. 336 downloads
    archetype-base-hybrid (1.0.0.alpha.3) An Archetype extension that provides hooks into Normalize.css, HTML5 Boilerplate, and a tradition...
  11. 344 downloads
    archetype-base-normalize (1.0.0.alpha.2) An Archetype extension that provides hooks into using Normalize.css' CSS reset
  12. 345 downloads
    archetype-base-reset (1.0.0.alpha.4) An Archetype extension that provides hooks into Eric Meyer's CSS reset
  13. 275 downloads
    archetype-grid (1.0.0.alpha.4) An Archetype extension for complex, fixed-width grid based layouts
  14. 266 downloads
    archetype-theme (1.0.0.alpha.3) An Archetype extension that provides several off-the-shelf UI components
  15. 695 downloads
    archetype-utilities (0.1.0) A collection of Sass mixins for Archetype
  16. 92 downloads
    archie (0.0.1.pre) Archie the architect
  17. 1,557 downloads
    archimedes (0.0.1) A lightweight wrapper for statsd-ruby
  18. 20,225 downloads
    archipelago (0.3.0) A set of tools for distributed computing in ruby.
  19. 6,176 downloads
    archipelago_rbtree (0.3.0) A patched version of the rbtree code that accepts each and reverse_each with offsets.
  20. 1,121 downloads
    archipel-api (5) Ruby API for Archipel Agent, an XMPP-based orchestrator. See
  21. 5,441 downloads
    architect (0.1.0) Architect is a JavaScript library built on top of Web Workers that will handle and polyfill HTML ...
  22. 15,058 downloads
    architect4r ( This gem is intended for making a neo4j graph db accessible by providing a ruby wrapper for the R...
  23. 775 downloads
    architects (0.0.1) Architects is a RESTful API framework
  24. 63,223 downloads
    architecture-js (0.6.3) Architecture.js helps you generate scaffolding, manage third-party packages, compile, and compres...
  25. 938 downloads
    archivable (0.0.3) Archive your Rails models rather than delete them, with model and controller concerns.
  26. 18,305 downloads
    archive (0.0.6) Simple library to manage tar and zip archives with libarchive and FFI
  27. 9,320 downloads
    archive_2s (0.0.6) Sometimes you just need a descriptive value of an item you are archiving. This is what archive_2...
  28. 1,592 downloads
    archiveable (0.0.6) Archiveable concern for rails models
  29. 2,919 downloads
    archive-ar (0.0.7) Simple AR file functions
  30. 2,223 downloads
    archive-gem (0.0.1) A Ruby Class to extract a gem or parts of a gem - does not require RubyGems to be installed