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  1. 85,207 downloads
    awestruct (0.5.5) Awestruct is a static site baking and publishing tool. It supports an extensive list of both temp...
  2. 3,176 downloads
    awestructx (0.4.1) Awestruct is a framework for creating static HTML sites.
  3. 70,475 downloads
    awetestlib (0.1.30) Awetest DSL for automated testing of browser-based applications.
  4. 389 downloads
    awhyte-rtex (2.1.3) LaTeX preprocessor for PDF generation; Rails plugin
  5. 2,956 downloads
    awis4ruby (0.9.0) == FEATURES/PROBLEMS: * Up-to-date Ruby client * Allows simple access to most popular AWIS data ...
  6. 3,710 downloads
    awis-wrapper (0.2.5) Easy to use, to navigate around the response
  7. 1,976 downloads
    awkward (1.0.0) Awkward helps you walk your Object Graph and output a dot file suitable for viewing in Graphviz. ...
  8. 7,837 downloads
    awkward_turtle (0.0.4) An animated awkward turtle for your terminal
  9. 483 downloads
    awonwon (0.0.2) Try To Make A Ruby Gem
  10. 6,055 downloads
    awrence (0.1.0) Have you ever needed to automatically convert Ruby-style snake_case to CamelCase or camelBack...
  11. 725,020 downloads
    aws (2.10.2) AWS Ruby Library for interfacing with Amazon Web Services including EC2, S3, SQS, SimpleDB and mo...
  12. 2,245 downloads
    aws4 (0.0.2) The approach is HTTP library agnostic, so you must supply method, uri, headers, and body
  13. 429 downloads
    aws4_signer (0.2.0) Simple signer module implements AWS4 signature
  14. 450 downloads
    aws_access_key_scan (0.1) Scans your computer for easy to find AWS Access Keys
  15. 5,842 downloads
    aws-alert-monitor (0.1.0) I watch an SQS queue and escalate alert messages.
  16. 5,184 downloads
    aws-ami (0.0.9) A tool for creating AWS AMI from a base AMI and an install packages script
  17. 2,923 downloads
    aws-asg-fleet (0.0.5) AWS Auto Scaling Fleets
  18. 463 downloads
    aws_auditor (0.1.2) Helps with AWS configuration
  19. 3,779 downloads
    aws-auth (0.9.1) Rack middleware that provides AWS (Amazon Web Services) style authentication.
  20. 836 downloads
    aws-base (0.1.0) Do the dirty stuff for AWS usage
  21. 70,166 downloads
    awsborn (0.9.11) Awsborn lets you define and launch a server cluster on Amazon EC2.
  22. 2,607 downloads
    aws-carb (0.0.9) a tool for provisioning ec2 instances with a templated cloudinit configuration, with the optional...
  23. 11,241 downloads
    aws-cfn-compiler (0.9.24) The idea is to create a folder structure to better manage pieces of a CloudFormation deployment. ...
  24. 4,212 downloads
    aws-cfn-decompiler (0.9.6) The idea is to extract a big CloudFormation template into a folder structure to better manage pie...
  25. 4,896 downloads
    aws-cfn-dsl (0.9.6) Ruby DSL for creating Cloudformation templates
  26. 519 downloads
    aws-cfn-stacker (0.0.5) A CloudFormation stack management helper to do stack CRUD and chaining. It eases the pain of sett...
  27. 2,491 downloads
    aws-cfn-yats (0.1.9) AWS Cloudformation templates expressed with a Ruby DSL, YAML or JSON in a modular fashion
  28. 169,847 downloads
    aws_cf_signer (0.1.3) Ruby gem for signing AWS Cloudfront URLs for serving private content.
  29. 20,143 downloads
    awscli (0.2.8) Command Line Interface for Amazon Web Services built in Ruby, using Fog and Thor
  30. 439 downloads
    aws-cli (0.0.1.pre4) This gem contains a command-line "aws" script, which provides an interface to certain Amazon web ...