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OptionParser 的反向依赖 0.5.1

github-api-client 0.3.3

Caches retrieved information to your user profile and reuses it when you query again.

56,877 下载

fiverr_copy 1.0.3

A gem that automates efficient distribution of files between servers.

39,069 下载

deployer 0.1.7

Deployer is gem that enhances Capistrano to simplify the deployment of Ruby on Rails ap...

22,027 下载

tweetskim 0.8.1

Usage: tweetskim [options]

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mr_bump 0.3.7

Bump versions

18,615 下载

acop 1.0.2

A gem to enforce webpage accessibility'

18,566 下载

niky81-s3rbackup 0.4.1

s3rbackup is a command line program for backing and restore group of directory or file ...

17,484 下载

httpng 0.2.3

A local server for saving HTML elements as PNG files.

12,312 下载

bingwallpaper 0.6.0

This script downloads the "Image of the Day" and then uses Feh or Gnome to set your des...

11,536 下载

Blux 0.0.5

An offline blog manager

9,591 下载

Blux 0.0.5

An offline blog manager

9,591 下载

cloudscale 0.0.9

A Monitoring Client for Cloud Infrastructure provided by

9,387 下载

NG1BuildHelpers 0.1.7

Helpers for performing build tasks and integrations

9,273 下载

stresser 0.5.0

Wrapper around httperf for stresstesting your app. Runs httperf multiple times with dif...

9,077 下载

mail_sandbox 0.1.3

Gem has run SMTP server and manipulate letters received. Using the Observer pattern you...

7,930 下载

tagfu 1.0.2

A gem to manipulate tags in cucumber feature files

7,190 下载

bayuploader 1.0.1

== FEATURES/PROBLEMS: * No known issues at this time. == SYNOPSIS: * Using BayUpload...

6,937 下载

WTBuildHelpers 0.2.4

Helpers for performing common WillowTree build tasks and integrations

6,097 下载

prepend_code 0.0.3

Prepend context on all app ruby files. coding directive, copy right and so on.

4,850 下载

sp 3.3.1

Seriously, this thing is great

4,738 下载

rmaze 2.1.0

Ruby library for maze generation

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juxta 0.2.0

JuxtaWS can collate two or more versions of the same textual work (“witnesses”) and gen...

3,392 下载

git-prepare-merge 1.0.1

Git Scripts to ease the merging of review branches into develop.

2,717 下载

xctester 0.2.1

A basic script that run Xcode tests.

2,400 下载

cloudscale-benchmark 0.0.2

A Benchmarking Client for Cloud Infrastructure provided by

1,711 下载

cloudscale-monitor 0.0.1

A Monitoring Client for Cloud Infrastructure provided by

1,670 下载

inspec_tools 1.2.0

Converter utils for Inspec that can be included as a gem or used from the command line

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