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acts_as_treeの被依存性 Latest version of the following gems require acts_as_tree

trusty-cms 5.5.6

TrustyCms is a simple and powerful publishing system designed for small teams. It is bu...

262,366 ダウンロード

radiant 1.1.4

Radiant is a simple and powerful publishing system designed for small teams. It is buil...

185,024 ダウンロード

imagine_cms 5.2.6

See README for details.

148,925 ダウンロード

gb_mapfish_appserver 2.0.0

Mapfish Appserver is a framework for web mapping applications using OGC standards and t...

79,155 ダウンロード

soapbox 0.3.1

manage pages, users, permissions, settings, analytics, files, users, and extend

76,416 ダウンロード

devape_cms 0.1.8

Insert DevapeCms description.

63,498 ダウンロード

selections 1.1.1

Selection list management and form and view helpers. Manages one table to hold all sel...

54,791 ダウンロード

ninoxe 1.2.3

This library provides a model to navigate through Chouette database.

53,745 ダウンロード

gluttonberg-core 3.0.2

Gluttonberg is an Open Source CMS developed by the team at Freerange Future. As designe...

49,911 ダウンロード

loudmouth 0.2.4

Loudmouth adds commenting to one or many of your models.

21,571 ダウンロード

forgeos_core 1.9.4

Forgeos Core provide users, libraries and administration rights and roles based management

19,187 ダウンロード

droom 0.5.3

Droom is nice and clean.

17,824 ダウンロード

archangel 0.4.0

Archangel is a Rails CMS

15,928 ダウンロード

treyconnell-ruby-aaws 0.8.3

Ruby/AWS is a Ruby wrapper to the Amazon Product Advertising API. This version works wi...

10,503 ダウンロード

your_platform 1.0.1

Administrative and social network platform for closed user groups.

9,670 ダウンロード

spree_essential_menus 0.2.6

Add menu customization for Spree. It's designed to be used with the spree_essentials base.

8,374 ダウンロード

boxroom 0.0.5

Rails file manager engine

8,273 ダウンロード

broken_window 1.1.2

Calculate metrics and display a simple broken/not broken dashboard.

6,949 ダウンロード

berlin 0.0.3

Basic berlin.commerce gem, which is necessary for all further berlin-extensions.

5,460 ダウンロード

jazz_model 0.1.0

Jazz theory is a mathematical system of concepts and relationships, why not make an Act...

4,581 ダウンロード

radiant-rails3 0.1

A fork from the Radiant rails3 branch, based on Radiant 0.9.2a version

4,311 ダウンロード

humpyard 0.0.1

Humpyard is a Rails CMS

4,135 ダウンロード


Postman Pat is a Private Mail/Messaging system for users on a webapp. It works in almos...

3,932 ダウンロード

mercury_engine 0.0.1

Adds models and helpers that make it easy to integrate Mercury Editor into any rails app

3,605 ダウンロード

rails_marketplace 0.0.3

Rails Marketplace.

3,459 ダウンロード

slickr_cms 0.5.9

CMS built on top of Active Admin.

1,732 ダウンロード

smerp-quotation 0.2.4

This rubygem does not have a description or summary.

1,529 ダウンロード

acts_as_tree_diagram 0.1.1

ActsAsTreeDiagram extends ActsAsTree to add simple function for draw tree diagram with ...

1,444 ダウンロード

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