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artii 的反向依赖 Latest version of the following gems require artii

lita-ascii-art 0.1.0

A Lita handler that generates ASCII art.

163,894 下载

falkorlib 0.8.8

This is my personal library I use to share the Ruby tidbits and Rake tasks I made it fo...

94,961 下载

vimdeck 0.3.3

VIM as a presentation tool

50,865 下载

xkpassword 0.3.3

Passwords are hard to remember, specially when they are hard to crack. I'd spend countl...

37,861 下载

fastlane-plugin-number_of_swift_lines 0.2.3

Outputs the total number of swift lines and other useful statistics

16,987 下载

gopher2000 0.5.5

Gopher2000 is a ruby-based Gopher server. It is built for speedy, enjoyable development...

15,517 下载

rbtclk 0.4.0

A light-weight timer application that can run in terminal emulators.

14,428 下载

picasaweb-backup 0.5.0

Backup all your photos from Google's Picasa Web Albums service, can be run repeated...

12,465 下载

nb_util 0.6.0

about jupyter utils

8,567 下载

asciiptcha 0.1.2

Generates and verifies ascii art captcha.

6,635 下载

pokedex-terminal 0.2.8

Pokedex in terminal with CRUD functionality.

6,080 下载

wedding 0.0.3

What could be better than a gem for a wedding. A fun experiment that generates an invi...

5,766 下载

whosup 0.0.3

A baby monitor.

5,404 下载

panda-motd 0.0.12

Enhance your MOTD with useful at-a-glance information.

4,987 下载


A command line tool to easily scaffold hull projects

4,927 下载

rack2aws 0.4.0

Teleport your files from Rackspace Cloud Files to AWS S3

4,901 下载

gemaker 0.5.0

Ruby CLI created to build Platanus' gems

3,953 下载

test-drive 0.0.3

A simple command-line tool for running a Jenkins test job before pushing code to the re...

3,887 下载

uke 1.0.3

𝄝 Displays popular ukulele chords for the popular `GCEA` tuning

2,885 下载

vimdeck-without-ascii-art 0.2.10

VIM as a presentation tool

2,780 下载

laces 0.1.0

Laces is a base Rails project that you can upgrade. It is used by thoughtbot to get a j...

2,769 下载

pompom 0.0.1

A command line pomodoro timer

2,722 下载

sm808 0.1.7

Implements sequence for the famous four on the floor rhythm pattern.

2,593 下载

reterm-all 0.6.3

This metagem pulls in reterm and all optional dependencies for full functionality

2,587 下载

yadecli 0.1.6

Manage development project

2,505 下载

basher-basher 0.1.1

Small CLI text game that tests your typing speed.

2,349 下载

ruboty-aa 0.0.1

A ruboty plugin for ascii art

2,308 下载

simplon 0.0.1

Affiche simplon en mode ascii.

2,089 下载

DinnerChoice 0.1.3

make dinner/lunch decisions easily

2,013 下载

truss_parser 0.1.4

Ingests, parses, and normalizes CSVs.

1,719 下载

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