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asdawqw 2.1.1

![example image]( "An exemplary image") **Before beginning work it is necessary that:** * Your organization is registered and activated * You have participated in a kick­off meeting * The opening questionnaire has been filled out * You have your login and password. (Using it you get a unique session `token` that must be used in every request to API as param `jwt`) [Contact us]( to be registered and get your credentials. All responses are returned as JSON. This document covers all the API calls and other methods that can be used to complete Razor-Cloud integration. It is important to note that all parameters are **case sensitive** in this document and should be used as documented. **Responses:** When a request is successful, a response body will typically be sent back in the form of a JSON object. An exception to this is when a DELETE request is processed, which will result in a successful `200` status and an empty response body.


  1. 2.1.1 - June 18, 2020 (78.5 KB)

Runtime Dependencies (6):

  • certifi ~> 2016
  • faraday ~> 0.10
  • faraday-http-cache ~> 1.2, >= 1.2.2
  • faraday_middleware ~> 0.13.1
  • logging ~> 2.0
  • test-unit ~> 3.1, >= 3.1.5
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    • APIMatic SDK Generator

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    Required Ruby Version: ~> 2.0