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Dependencias inversas para authlogic 5.0.4

muck-users 3.2.25

Easily add user signup, login and other features to your application

261.523 Descargas

authpds 1.1.5

Libraries that use Ex Libris products, can integrate Rails application with PDS to prov...

112.717 Descargas

spud_core 1.0.6

Spud Core Engine

111.925 Descargas

radiant-reader-extension 3.0.38

Provides reader/member/user registration and management functions including password-re...

111.460 Descargas

iqvoc 4.12.1

iQvoc - a SKOS(-XL) vocabulary management system built on the Semantic Web

87.747 Descargas

authlogic-oid 1.0.4

Extension of the Authlogic library to add OpenID support.

71.565 Descargas

zena 1.2.8

zena is a Ruby on Rails CMS (content managment system) with a focus on usability, ease...

64.480 Descargas


A lightweight CMS toolkit for Ruby on Rails, based on Bootstrap.

64.231 Descargas

authlogic-connect 0.0.6

Oauth and OpenID made dead simple

55.461 Descargas

aavkontakte-rails3 0.1.9

Vkontakte authorization for authlogic with ruby 1.9 and rails 3.0

51.850 Descargas

tb_core 1.5.0

Twice Baked Core Engine

49.712 Descargas

any_login 1.4.2

Simply add this gem to your application and make your life easier with switching users.

47.480 Descargas

logmein 0.3.2

A UI plugin that sits on top of authlogic to provide basic security (i.e. restricte...

38.635 Descargas

remindme 0.3.0

A UI plugin that sits on top of authlogic to provide a forgot password feature. Can...

37.911 Descargas

fat_free_crm 0.18.1

An open source, Ruby on Rails customer relationship management platform

35.106 Descargas

authlogic_facebook 1.2.1

Authlogic plugin to support Facebook without Facebooker. A small unobtrusive gem (mini...

32.119 Descargas

gluttonberg-core 3.0.2

Gluttonberg is an Open Source CMS developed by the team at Freerange Future. As designe...

30.183 Descargas

authlogic_rpx 1.2.0

Authlogic extension/plugin that provides RPX ( authentication support

28.550 Descargas

master_may_i 0.6.2

Simple model based authorization designed to work with AuthLogic and InheritedResources

28.482 Descargas

authlogic_wind 0.4.0

Authlogic plugin for WIND

27.599 Descargas

rtrain 0.2.8

Rails UI Booster - More info @

22.353 Descargas

rich_i18n 1.3.4

Rich-i18n is a module of E9s ( which enriches I18n, For...

21.860 Descargas

community_engine 3.2.0

CommunityEngine is a free, open-source social network platform for Ruby on Rails applic...

21.676 Descargas

kryptonite 0.1.0

Kryptonite is an open-source CMS for Ruby on Rails, originally developed by Spoiled Mil...

20.693 Descargas

authlogic-connect-andrewacove 0.5.7

Personal additions for Oauth and OpenID made dead simple

20.205 Descargas

authlogic_crowd 0.3.3

Atlassian Crowd support for Authlogic

17.331 Descargas

authcan_easyroller 0.1.4

This is a basic Rails engine utilizing Authlogic, CanCan and Easy Roles to create a sta...

16.988 Descargas

authlogic_crowd_rest 1.0.4


14.929 Descargas

authlogic_oauth2 1.1.2

Authlogic OAuth2 is an extension of the Authlogic library to add OAuth2 support. OAuth2...

14.500 Descargas

authlogic_facebook_shim 0.5.1

Authlogic extension to support Facebook OAuth2 javascript sessions. Currently requires ...

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