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Dependencias inversas para authlogic 5.0.4

foreverman-authlogic-connect 0.0.6

Oauth and OpenID made dead simple

13.180 Descargas

josevalim-auth_helpers 0.5.1

AuthHelpers is a collection of modules to improve your Authlogic resources.

13.119 Descargas

forgeos_core 1.9.4

Forgeos Core provide users, libraries and administration rights and roles based management

12.337 Descargas

authlogic_radius 0.2.0

This is a simple gem to allow authentication against a RADIUS server.

11.467 Descargas

authlogic_email_token 0.0.5

Adds email_token and email_token_updated_at columns. Works like Authlogic's perishable_...

11.175 Descargas

authlogic_facebook_koala 0.3.2

Authlogic plugin to support Facebook OAuth2 javascript sessions. This is now just a fac...

10.141 Descargas

invision_bridge 0.3.0

Allows your Authlogic-based User model to authenticate using an IP.Board 3.x database.

10.092 Descargas

saasaparilla 0.2.2

Simple SAAS through

9.593 Descargas

authlogic_bushido 0.9.2

Bushido support for Authlogic

8.838 Descargas

develon-authlogic_generator 0.5.5

A gem to help you generate all the basic structure to use authlogic in your project.

8.358 Descargas

ecm_user_area2 4.0.2

ECM User Area.

8.333 Descargas

handy-generators 0.0.2

Application and Scaffold generators. With admin in a subdomain (using subdomain-fu), au...

7.975 Descargas

cmor_user_area 0.0.38.pre

CMOR User Area.

7.366 Descargas

solarsearch 0.0.10

Have a search motor built on the top of Solr, a highly customizable, scalable and well ...

7.306 Descargas

santey_blog 0.2.1

Blog CMS for Rails 3

7.028 Descargas

robdimarco_authlogic_oauth2 1.1.4

Authlogic OAuth2 is an extension of the Authlogic library to add OAuth2 support. OAuth2...

6.875 Descargas

czak-authlogic-oid 1.0.5

Extension of the Authlogic library to add OpenID support.

6.439 Descargas

heyzap-authlogic-oid 1.0.6

Extension of the Authlogic library to add OpenID support.

6.340 Descargas

authlogic_cloudfuji 0.9.4

Cloudfuji support for Authlogic

6.313 Descargas

authlogic_motp 1.0.1

Extension of the Authlogic library to add Mobile-OTP support.

6.210 Descargas

jerryvos-authlogic_facebook_connect 1.0.2

Extension of the Authlogic library to add Facebook Connect support built upon the excel...

5.546 Descargas

dougui_users 0.0.2

A gem for users.

5.346 Descargas

iain-pizza-generators 0.1.4

A collection of useful generator scripts for Rails.

5.335 Descargas

mm_authlogic 0.0.3

Use AuthLogic on MongoMapper models just like you do on ActiveRecord models

5.264 Descargas

reflex 0.0.3

Reflex is a gem that allows you to connect your application to the React Social API

5.172 Descargas

jspooner-authlogic-connect 0.0.20

Oauth and OpenID made dead simple

5.135 Descargas

secobarbital-authlogic_facebook_connect 1.0.1

Extension of the Authlogic library to add Facebook Connect support built upon the excel...

5.076 Descargas

slayer-authlogic_rpx 1.2.2

Authlogic extension/plugin that provides RPX ( authentication support

4.393 Descargas

spud_admin 0.2.0

Spud Admin Panel Engine

4.257 Descargas

authlogic_pam 0.1.0

Really simple PAM support for Authlogic via the rpam package. Code heavily based on a...

4.235 Descargas

Total de descargas 4.328.405

Para esta versión 7.355

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