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axlsxの被依存性 2.0.1

sql-jarvis 2.1

Fork from ankane! Explore your data with SQL. Easily create charts and dashboards, and ...

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trelloscrum 0.3.0

Generates PDF's with (+/-) one page per card with title, body and checklists. Print 4 o...

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ninja2k 0.0.2

A web resource scraper that lets you define xpath selectors, clues and hooks for custom...

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axlsx_rad 0.0.2

Efficiently create styled spreadsheets using JsonDoc::Document objects

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logstash-output-xlsx 2.1.0

This gem is a logstash plugin required to be installed on top of the Logstash core pipe...

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hatogaya 0.1.1

print database schema and entity relation

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xlsx2latex 0.1.0.rc2

Take an Excel-file (xlsx) and convert the content into a LaTeX-tabular. By default eac...

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csv2xlsx 0.0.1

Creates an Excel file from one or more CSV files, one sheet per file

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rspec-axlsx-formatter 0.0.2

Generate rspec report as xlsx file.

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fluent-plugin-axlsx 0.0.1

fluentd output plugin for excel

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metacrunch-file 1.3.1

File package for the metacrunch ETL toolkit.

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lazy-wombat 0.0.2

A simple yet powerful DSL to create Excel spreadsheets built on top of axlsx gem

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seisan 0.0.2

seisan solution for small team

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axlsx_report 0.1.3

Declarative excel reports based on axlsx.

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rad_hoc 0.0.3

Library for custom reports generated from YAML query specifications

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enju_trunk_ndl_statistics 1.0

EnjuTrunkNdlStatistics: annual statistics report for NDL branches

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easy_axlsx 0.1.0

Generate axlsx object of an any class. After you can generate xlsx file, or change axsl...

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i18n-processes 0.1.5

i18n-processes helps you to synchronize your translation.

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axlsx-builder 0.0.1

An extension of Axlsx that allows you create spreadsheets blueprints for easy sheet gen...

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grape-axlsx 0.1.0

Simple implementation for using Axlsx templates in Grape.

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rrxcell 0.2.0

Standardize of operation manner for reading Excel files(.xls, .xlsx).

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spreadsheet_goodies 0.0.6

SpreadsheetGoodies is a collection of tools to help work with Excel and Google Drive sp...

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data_verifier 0.2.0

Generates an excel report to verify before and after state of db data

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sheet_converter 0.2.2

Convert sheets(XLSX, CSV and more...)

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axlsx_enhanced 0.1.2

Enhances axlsx styling while building a spreadsheet by ruby code

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csv2excel 0.1.0

Convert csv file to xlsx file.

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carray-dataframe 1.0.0

Extension for realizing DataFrame of R in Ruby

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