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cleanroom 1.0.0

Ruby is an excellent programming language for creating and managing custom DSLs, but how can you securely evaluate a DSL while explicitly controlling the methods exposed to the user? Our good friends instance_eval and instance_exec are great, but they expose all methods - public, protected, and private - to the user. Even worse, they expose the ability to accidentally or intentionally alter the behavior of the system! The cleanroom pattern is a safer, more convenient, Ruby-like approach for limiting the information exposed by a DSL while giving users the ability to write awesome code!


  1. 1.0.0 - August 12, 2014 (15 KB)

Development Dependencies (3):

  • bundler >= 0
  • rake >= 0
  • rspec ~> 3.0
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    • Seth Vargo

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    Apache 2.0

    Required Ruby Version: >= 1.9.3