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Reverse dependencies for compass 1.0.3

compass-rails 3.1.0

Integrate Compass into Rails 3.0 and up.

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font-awesome-sass 5.9.0

Font-Awesome SASS gem for use in Ruby projects

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jasmine-core 3.4.0

Test your JavaScript without any framework dependencies, in any environment, and with a...

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mailcatcher 0.7.1

MailCatcher runs a super simple SMTP server which catches any message sent to it to...

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sprockets-sass 1.3.1

When using Sprockets 2.0 with Sass you will eventually run into a pretty big issue. `//...

1,947,134 下載

faye 1.2.4

Simple pub/sub messaging for the web

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compass-normalize 1.5

This simple plugin for Compass enables you to use normalize.css in your stylesheets wit...

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sassy-buttons 0.2.6

Awesome CSS only buttons using compass and sass

410,810 下載

sassy-math 1.5.1

Use advanced mathematical functions in Compass.

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compass-blueprint 1.0.0

Compass extension for blueprint css framework

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ZURB Foundation ported over to work with the power of Compass.

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sinatra-support 1.2.2

Sinatra-support includes many helpers for forms, errors and many amazing things.

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compass-rgbapng 0.2.1

Compass plugin for providing cross-browser compatible RGBA support by creating transpar...

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compass-960-plugin 0.10.4

The 960 Grid System is an effort to streamline web development workflow by providing co...

283,776 下載

jsduck 5.3.4

Documentation generator for Sencha JS frameworks

267,822 下載

sproutcore 1.11.0

SproutCore is a platform for building native look-and-feel applications on the web. Th...

266,558 下載

guard-compass 1.1.0

Guard::Compass automatically rebuilds scss|sass files when a modification occurs taking...

238,454 下載

compass_twitter_bootstrap 2.3.1

Compass/SCSS version of the twitter bootstrap

232,883 下載

rbbt-rest 1.8.109

Basic web app controllers and templates

216,591 下載

fancy-buttons 1.2.0

Fancy Buttons helps you easily style buttons with beautiful CSS3 features like gradient...

209,006 下載

livingstyleguide 2.1.0

Automatically generate beautiful front-end style guides with Sass and Markdown. See htt...

194,539 下載

compass-aurora 3.0.9

Aurora Subthemes!

194,195 下載

compass-susy-plugin 0.9

Responsive web design with grids the quick and reliable way.

191,782 下載

animation 0.1.alpha.3

css3 animations plugin for compass, with core animation mixins, and optional defaul ani...

173,653 下載


Lalala: Probably the best CMS in the world

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sassy-strings 1.0.0

Superpower Strings!

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compass-blend-modes 0.0.2

Using standard color blending functions in Sass.

163,164 下載

golf 0.7.9

Golf lets you write your interface in terms of reusable, simple components.

157,046 下載

fanforce-plugin-factory 1.6.1

Everything needed to setup a new plugin on Fanforce

149,115 下載

radiant 1.1.4

Radiant is a simple and powerful publishing system designed for small teams. It is buil...

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