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deplate 0.8.5

deplate is a ruby based tool for converting documents written in an unobtrusive, wiki-like markup to LaTeX, HTML, "HTML slides", or docbook. It supports page templates, embedded LaTeX code, footnotes, citations, bibliographies, automatic generation of an index, table of contents etc. It can be used to create web pages and (via LaTeX or Docbook) high-quality printouts from the same source. deplate probably isn't suited for highly technical documents or documents that require a sophisticated graphical layout. For other purposes it should work fine. deplate aims to be modular and easily extensible. It is the accompanying converter for the Vim viki plugin. In the family of wiki engines, the choice of markup originated from the emacs-wiki.


  1. 0.8.5 - July 25, 2009 (265 KB)
  2. 0.8.4 - July 25, 2009 (259 KB)
  3. 0.8.3 - July 25, 2009 (256 KB)
  4. 0.8.2 - July 25, 2009 (256 KB)
  5. 0.8.1 - July 25, 2009 (250 KB)
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