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Dependencias inversas para devise_invitable 2.0.1

blacklight-spotlight 2.12.0

Enable librarians, curators, and others who are responsible for digital collections to ...

89.376 Descargas

decidim-admin 0.19.0

Organization administration to manage a single organization.

41.574 Descargas

decidim-system 0.19.0

System administration to create new organization in an installation.

41.421 Descargas

zadok 0.10.8

A data management gem.

35.972 Descargas

citygate 0.1.1

Citygate is an Engine that provides user model with sign up and log in, admin backend f...

24.564 Descargas

houston-core 0.9.2

Mission Control for your projects and teams

18.516 Descargas

oxen_account 0.4.14

The account table is strictly for managing customer accounts

18.379 Descargas

oxen_user 0.4.13

The account table is strictly for managing customer users

17.064 Descargas

devise_invitations 0.2.1

Extend devise and devise_invitable allowing multiple invitations.

8.300 Descargas

self_systeem 0.1.0

System testing by recording actual user interactions

8.207 Descargas

admin_invitable 0.1.0

AdminInvitable includes a generator to make devise invitable gem work with ActiveAdmin.

6.985 Descargas

integral 1.3.0

Building a professional website on Rails has never been easier. Create fascinating blog...

4.958 Descargas

revelry_auth 0.0.1

Authentication and authorization for Revelry toolkit apps using Devise, Rolify and Pundit.

4.651 Descargas

archangel 0.4.0

Archangel is a Rails CMS

4.018 Descargas

devise_certifiable 0.1.0

New sign ups need to be certified before they can sign in

3.025 Descargas

remarkable_devise_invitable 1.0.0

Remarkable RSpec matchers for devise_invitable models. It should be used with remarkabl...

2.832 Descargas

samvera-persona 0.1.7

Description of Samvera::Persona.

2.468 Descargas

rails_admin_invite 0.0.5

A custom rails_admin invitation action for use with devise_invitable

2.288 Descargas

Total de descargas 6.306.562

Para esta versión 452.860

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