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environment_information 1.0.63

This small library, consisting of just one .rb file (if you ignore the version definition in version.rb), will output some information about the environment, i.e. GCC Version, Glibc Version, Ruby Version, Host CPU model and so on. It will store this information in the instance_variable @string, which can be accessed through a reader-method like .string? and used in other scripts. There are essentially two basic and recommended ways how to use this class: (1) From the commandline, just call it directly and pass it specific commands (optionally). (2) Embedded somewhere else, i.e. for use in a .cgi page. An example for the latter follows: _ = _.set_n_tokens 58 _.disable_colours _.be_silent _.dont_show_ruby_stuff You can also display some additional information, such as GTK, Glib, Atk and Pango Versions, by passing in "f" or "full" on the commandline. See the help section of this script, which you can invoke by passing "help" as argument to it. Since April 2013 it will use the module UnifiedColours for colour-related output. Since Nov 2013 we will also feedback openssl information if you pass in the syntax "openssl" to it.


  1. 1.0.63 - February 19, 2015 (17 KB)
  2. 1.0.61 - November 23, 2014 (15 KB)
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  • Robert A. Heiler



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