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environment_information 1.4.91

The gem environment_information is able to provide information about the computer host system, in particular on Linux systems, if ruby is available on that computer. Commonly used programs will be queried for their current version number (and whether they exist) on the target computer. If these programs do happen to exist then the corresponding version will be displayed, on the commandline. This is somewhat similar to the "Linux from Scratch" project, which uses a shell script to display the version of many commonly used programs. As I prefer to use ruby rather than shell scripts, I wrote this somewhat equivalent project. This project currently tracks the version of 191 different programs. For more information and documentation about this project, consider looking at the homepage of this gem, at and look at the documentation on the bottom right side, called "Documentation".


  1. 1.4.91 - October 29, 2022 (88.0 KB)
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