# excel_to_code Converts some excel spreadsheets (.xlsx, not .xls) into some other programming languages (currently ruby or c). This allows the excel spreadsheets to be run programatically, without excel. Its cannonical source is at # Running excel_to_code To just have a go: ./bin/excel_to_c <excel_file_name> NB:For small spreadsheets this will take a minute or so. For large spreadsheets it is best to run it overnight. for more detail: ./bin/excel_to_c --compile --run-tests --settable <name of input worksheet> --prune-except <name of output worksheet> <excel file name> this should work: ./bin/excel_to_c --help # Testing excel_to_code 1. Make sure you have ruby 1.9.2 or later installed 2. gem install bundler # May need to use sudo 3. bundle 4. rspec spec/* # Hacking excel_to_code There are some how to guides in the doc folder. # Limitations 1. Not tested at all on Windows 2. INDIRECT formula must be convertable at runtime into a standard formula 3. Doesn't implement all functions (see doc/ 4. Doesn't implement references that involve range unions and lists 5. Sometimes gives cells as being empty, when excel would give the cell as having a numeric value of zero

installgem install excel_to_code -v 0.0.2

Thomas Counsell, Green on Black Ltd

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