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Reverse dependencies for exception_notification 4.4.0

exception_notification-redmine 0.3.1

This Ruby gem is an extension of the exception_notification gem to support creating iss...

5,021 下載

rdcms 1.0.28

This is the Basic Module of Rdcms. It Offers Devise, ActiveAdmin, an Article-Module, a ...

4,951 下載

exception_notification_sns 0.2.1

exception_notification_sns gem is used for sending application extensions to aws sns. ...

4,425 下載

exception_notification-td 0.1.0

Send exception info to TreasureData

4,317 下載

exception_notification_moderate 0.0.3

When system raises same errors in short time, it blocks second and later notifications

4,245 下載

exception_notification-pushbullet 0.1.1

Exception notification for Pushbullet

3,394 下載

runner_helper 0.1.0

Rails runner generator which works with Systemd.

3,339 下載

dunlop 0.1.0

Organize business processes, do data analysis and guard your goals

2,825 下載

talk-notifier 1.0.1

Notify exceptions using Talk.

2,477 下載

invalid_authenticity_token_rescue 0.1.3

Rails 5 default protect_from_forgery is to raise an exception. Some browsers trigger th...

2,163 下載

skip-exception-notifying 0.1.0

Adds `skip_notifying!` method to exceptions, which disables exception_notifier for it

2,064 下載

simple_email_exception_notifier 0.0.1

Plugin for exception_notification that can be used outside Rails, i.e. with Grape. As o...

1,869 下載

fail_safe 0.0.3

Track your app's bugs and exceptions.

1,549 下載

graylog_exception_notifier 0.1

Use exception_notification to send rails exceptions to graylog2.

1,487 下載

qywechat-notifier 0.4.0

qywechat exception notifier

1,458 下載

exception_notification-fluent_logger_notifier 0.1.0

A custom notifier for ExceptionNotification which notifies exceptions to Fluentd via fl...

1,314 下載

exception_notification_telegram 0.1.0

Telegram notifier for exception notification gem

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