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ext 1.1.3

Provides an SCM agnostic way to manage subprojects with a workflow similar to the scm:externals feature of subversion. It's particularly useful for rails projects that have some plugins managed by svn and some managed by git. For example, "ext install git://" from within a rails application directory will realize that this belongs in the vendor/rails folder. It will also realize that this URL is a git repository and clone it into that folder. It will also add the vendor/rails folder to the ignore feature for the SCM of the main project. Let's say that the main project is being managed by subversion. In that case it adds "rails" to the svn:ignore property of the vendor folder. It also adds the URL to the .externals file so that when this project is checked out via "ext checkout" it knows where to fetch the subprojects. There are several other useful commands, such as init, touch_emptydirs, add_all, export, status. There's a tutorial at The reason I made this project is that I was frustrated by two things: 1. In my opinion, the workflow for svn:externals is far superior to git-submodule. 2. Even if git-submodule was as useful as svn:externals, I would still like a uniform way to fetch all of the subprojects regardless of the SCM used to manage the main project.


  1. 1.1.3 - February 10, 2019 (46,5 KB)
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  5. 1.0.7 - July 18, 2012 (48,5 KB)
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