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Dependencias inversas para faraday_middleware Latest version of the following gems require faraday_middleware

fastlane 2.210.1

The easiest way to automate beta deployments and releases for your iOS and Android apps

80.968.481 Descargas

inspec 5.18.14

InSpec provides a framework for creating end-to-end infrastructure tests. You can use i...

25.924.525 Descargas

faraday_middleware-multi_json 0.0.6

Faraday response parser using MultiJson

17.527.788 Descargas

azure-storage-common 2.0.4

Microsoft Azure Storage Common Client Library for Ruby

17.167.009 Descargas

asana 2.0.0

Official Ruby client for the Asana API

17.120.182 Descargas

puppet_forge 3.2.0

Tools that can be used to access Forge API information on Modules, Users, and Releases....

15.165.042 Descargas

graphlient 0.6.0

A friendlier Ruby client for consuming GraphQL-based APIs.

10.891.569 Descargas

azure-core 0.1.15

Microsoft Azure Client Core Library for Ruby SDK

9.104.284 Descargas

faraday_middleware-aws-signers-v4 0.1.9

Faraday middleware for AWS Signature Version 4.

8.844.161 Descargas

inspec-core 5.18.14

InSpec provides a framework for creating end-to-end infrastructure tests. You can use i...

6.536.332 Descargas

statuscake 0.1.2

It is a StatusCake API client library.

5.876.246 Descargas

ipecache 0.0.16

An extensible tool for purging urls from caches and CDNs

5.422.698 Descargas

travis 1.11.1

CLI and Ruby client library for Travis CI

4.861.362 Descargas

gh 0.18.0

multi-layer client for the github api v3

4.322.428 Descargas

json_api_client 1.21.0

Build client libraries compliant with specification defined by

4.145.127 Descargas

azure-storage 0.15.0.preview

Microsoft Azure Storage Client Library for Ruby

4.041.867 Descargas

ims-lti 2.3.2

Ruby library for creating IMS LTI tool providers and consumers

2.485.130 Descargas

faraday-encoding 0.0.5

A Faraday Middleware sets body encoding when specified by server.

2.393.612 Descargas

instagram 1.1.6

A Ruby wrapper for the Instagram REST and Search APIs

2.359.432 Descargas

azure 0.7.10

Microsoft Azure Client Library for Ruby

2.351.874 Descargas

faraday_middleware-parse_oj 0.3.2

Faraday middleware for parsing JSON using the Oj parser.

2.055.191 Descargas

avatax 22.9.0

A Ruby wrapper for the AvaTax REST and Search APIs

1.970.646 Descargas

rdf 3.2.9

RDF.rb is a pure-Ruby library for working with Resource Description Framework (RDF) data.

1.774.994 Descargas

slack-api 1.6.1

A Ruby wrapper for the Slack API

1.668.226 Descargas

spaceship 1.0.0

Ruby library to access the Apple Dev Center and iTunes Connect

1.663.093 Descargas

discourse_api 1.1.0

Discourse API

1.385.039 Descargas

tinder 1.10.1

A Ruby API for interfacing with Campfire, the 37Signals chat application.

1.331.205 Descargas

presto-client 0.6.6

Presto client library

1.207.739 Descargas

eyes_core 4.4.0

Don't use it directly, take a look at eyes_selenium, eyes_images or eyes_calabash gems ...

1.057.207 Descargas

yelp 2.1.5

Provides an easy way to interact with the Yelp API in any kind of application

890.884 Descargas

Total de descargas 223.288.577

Para esta versión 30.090.865

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