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games_and_rpg_paradise 0.0.8

This project has been created in October 2023, merging the two other projects called rpg_paradise and games_paradise. The rpg_paradise component is mostly for my old, custom RPG code ("role-playing game") - the one we used in our local pen-and-paper RPG group in the past. Furthermore I will also include the unfinished code for the text-based MUD that was once planned. The games_paradise component shall collect and distribute various games, as well as containing information about these games - including helpful hints how to solve some games. As I in general lack time to continue this hobby project, I thought I should simply publish the code as it is, and improve it over time. Be warned: this is very beta-ish quality. Do note that this is an on-going effort - I have not yet finished publishing the old code, as I am trying to polish it a little before releasing it in its "final", though unfinished, form here.

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  1. 0.0.8 - March 10, 2024 (24,1 Mo)
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