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Reverse dependencies for geoip 1.6.4

fluent-plugin-geoip-filter 1.0.0

Fluentd filter plugin to add geoip

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ntail 1.3.2

A tail(1)-like utility for nginx log files. It supports parsing, filtering and formatti...

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tkellem 0.9.7

IRC bouncer with multi-client support

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repsheet_visualizer 1.1.0

Visualizer for Repsheet

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devise_password_sharing_extension 0.1.4

A devise extension to curb password sharing.

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redis_analytics 1.0.1

A gem that provides a Redis based web analytics solution for your rack-compliant apps. ...

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Fluentd plugin to convert ips to latitude/longitude pairs for publication on a specifie...

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rack-geoipcountry 1.0.2

Rack::GeoIPCountry uses the geoip gem and the GeoIP database to lookup the country of a...

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geo_redirect 0.8

Geo-location based redirector

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rack-geo-locale 0.0.11

Simple Rack middleware for setting the via GeoIP using the MaxMind GeoIP...

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charted 0.1.1

A Sinatra app for tracking web traffic on multiple sites.

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geokit-geoip 0.1.0

GeoKit module for using Maxmind GeoIP City database

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dorothy2 2.0.0

A malware/botnet analysis framework written in Ruby.

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geoip_server 1.3.0

Query the MaxMind GeoIP data records via a web service

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registrar 0.4

Registrar standardizes Authentication Responses through Rack Middleware and works well ...

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activeadmin-logins 0.2.0

Write a longer description. Optional.

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security_guard 0.0.7

A collection of useful tools for auditing data and performing security checks.

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geoip-db 2013.10

Combining the geoip gem and the database from MaxMind, this gem offers IP Geolocation i...

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mm_geoip 0.1.1

A proxy object around the geoip gem for lazy lookup. Includes a Rack middleware.

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geokit-geoip-provider 0.3.0

GeoIP provider for geokit gem

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geo_locale 0.9.5

["Uses GeoIP gem and a free country database"]

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geo-lite-city 0.0.3

Sometimes you just need SQL.

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f2bread 0.1.1

A simple gem that reads 'fail2ban.log' and displays statistics

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f2bread 0.1.1

A simple gem that reads 'fail2ban.log' and displays statistics

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tarteaucitron 0.3.2

A gem to install tarteaucitron, GeoIP and provide helpers to show social network buttons.

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hacker-gems 0.3

Hacker-gems installs most needed gems for hackers.

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tor_extend 2.0.0

This library extends Bendiken's tor-ruby [], and pr...

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enricher 0.0.7

Enricher, the IP and URL data enhancer

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rack-geoipcity 1.0.0

Rack::GeoIPCity uses the geoip gem and the GeoIP database to lookup the city of a reque...

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currency_by_ip 1.0.0

Returns a currency string thanks to GeoIP's ip database.

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