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godの被依存性 Latest version of the following gems require god

metacon 0.3.0

Tool with some similarities to puppet but specializing in fast development iteration an...

30,953 ダウンロード

godhead 0.0.10

Configure God monitored processes according to their concerns the servers (path and so ...

28,436 ダウンロード

sidekiq-runner 0.2.3

Provide an easy way to configure, start, and monitor all your Sidekiq processes

23,052 ダウンロード

miu 0.2.3

Miu message hub

19,523 ダウンロード

foreman_god 0.0.6

Monitor Procfiles with God. Mostly compatible with foreman.

13,279 ダウンロード

ungodly 0.9.2

Rake task generator for the God gem

6,088 ダウンロード

nofxx-god_web 0.2.5

iPhone friendly sinatra web UI for God

5,920 ダウンロード

bixby-agent 0.3.2

Bixby Agent

5,510 ダウンロード

resque-integration 3.5.1

Seamless integration of resque with resque-progress and resque-lock

5,392 ダウンロード

jnewland-god_web 0.1.4

iPhone friendly web UI for God

4,661 ダウンロード

sicily 0.1.8

A rule-based photo organizer written in Ruby

4,343 ダウンロード

davidrichards-tegu_labs 0.0.3

Collaboration tool for analytical work: project notes, log, repositories, roles, and pa...

3,838 ダウンロード

mathieuravaux-god_web 0.2.0

iPhone friendly sinatra web UI for God

3,753 ダウンロード

dat 0.0.1

Word game which deals with altering words adding, deleting or replacing letters.

3,595 ダウンロード

resque-god 0.0.2

Launch Resque workers from config via God. Worker`s settings are stored in the config f...

3,318 ダウンロード

god-sns-contact 0.0.1

A God::Contacts class for Amazon's Simple Notification Service (SNS)

3,169 ダウンロード

videoreg 0.1

Video Registration scripts. Allows to register continuously

2,559 ダウンロード

asana-god-contact 0.0.4

Allows to send notifications to Asana

2,491 ダウンロード

growing_queue_condition 0.0.1

a God::Condition for the god gem, which will alert on a neglected queue using any objec...

2,265 ダウンロード

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