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Dependencias inversas para guard-rubocop 1.3.0

graphql 1.9.14

A plain-Ruby implementation of GraphQL.

9.385.562 Descargas

astrolabe 1.3.1

An object-oriented AST extension for Parser

8.139.853 Descargas

no_proxy_fix 0.1.2

A fix for a no_proxy bug:

5.862.928 Descargas

symbolize 4.5.2

ActiveRecord/Mongoid enums with i18n

1.239.012 Descargas

contentful 2.14.0

Ruby client for the Content Delivery API

974.315 Descargas

contentful-management 2.11.0

Ruby client for the Content Management API

650.813 Descargas

neo4j 9.6.0

A Neo4j OGM (Object-Graph-Mapper) for Ruby heavily inspired by ActiveRecord.

512.312 Descargas

neo4j-core 9.0.0

Neo4j-core provides classes and methods to work with the graph database Neo4j.

395.056 Descargas

vedeu 0.8.32

A framework for building GUI/TUI terminal/console applications.

259.960 Descargas

rack-fiber_pool 0.9.3

Rack middleware to run each request within a Fiber

247.544 Descargas

jpostcode 0.1.16

A Ruby implementation for Japan postcode.

217.185 Descargas

tsubaki 0.2.1

A gem provides My Number & Corporate Number validators

213.052 Descargas

neo4j-rake_tasks 0.7.19

Rake tasks for managing Neo4j Tasks allow for starting, stopping, and configuring

210.043 Descargas

kiji 0.2.2

API toolkits for Japanese e-Gov system

209.741 Descargas

contentful_model 1.2.0

An ActiveModel-like wrapper for the Contentful SDKs

143.344 Descargas

pokitdok-ruby 0.9.2

Gem for easy access to the PokitDok Platform APIs.

109.618 Descargas

rack-www 2.3.0

Rack middleware to force subdomain redirects.

99.060 Descargas

smalruby 0.1.11

smalruby is a 2D game development library. This is part of "Smalruby" project that is a...

98.339 Descargas

smalruby 0.1.11

smalruby is a 2D game development library. This is part of "Smalruby" project that is a...

98.339 Descargas

rundeck 1.2.1

Ruby client for Rundeck API

95.466 Descargas

praxis-blueprints 3.3

Praxis Blueprints is a library that allows for defining a reusable class structures...

92.581 Descargas

attributor 5.2.1

A powerful attribute and type management library for Ruby

91.935 Descargas

activerecord-turntable 4.4.1

ActiveRecord sharding extension

74.654 Descargas

kirico 1.0.5

Write a longer description or delete this line.

70.621 Descargas

rails_config_validator 3.2.0

The gem uses Kwalify schema validator to check Rails configuration files syntax.

69.238 Descargas

chef-vault-testfixtures 3.0.1

chef-vault-testfixtures provides an RSpec shared context that stubs access to chef-vaul...

68.143 Descargas

ns_settings_ui 1.4.0

Engine providing key-value settings stored in db with a web UI.

67.328 Descargas

nine_one_one 2.1.0

Alerts and notifications via PagerDuty and Slack for Ruby apps

62.966 Descargas

macmillan-utils 1.0.44

A collection of useful patterns we (Springer Nature) use in our Ruby applications.

59.848 Descargas

CloudSesame 1.0.1

AWS CloudSearch Query DSL

59.573 Descargas

Total de descargas 3.873.739

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