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guerrilla_rotate 0.1.0

GuerrillaRotate ============== This plugin lets you have multiple view pages for the one action, so that you can rotate through different views in order to test which one is the most effective. This is known as A/B testing, split testing or side-by-side testing. It will automatically switch between the different views for different web requests (uses .rand so is pseudo random, not round-robin or anything). The particular view is sticky for a (rails) session, so that once that view has been chosen for that visitor they will see the same, consistent view each time. It integrates automagically into [Rubaidh::GoogleAnalytics]( by setting the override_trackpageview to the name of the unique view file (instead of the action-based URL) so you can track it easily in Google Analytics. Without that you'll want to track it by putting different tracking codes in each of your view templates. Example ------- So, in your views you will create some new templates with something (can be anything including nothing) between the template name and the first part of the extension. So you might have the following files for the products/index action: app/views/products/index.html.erb app/views/products/index_alt.html.erb app/views/products/index_new.html.erb Then all you need to do is tell your controller to rotate for that action: ### app/controllers/products_controller.rb class ProductsController < ApplicationController guerrilla_rotate :index, :show # etc.. end NB: guerrilla_rotate is also aliased as guerilla_rotate for the alternative spelling and typos. Copyright © 2009 Jason King, released under the MIT license


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