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Dependencias inversas para htmlentities 4.3.4

wordnik 4.12

This gem provides a simple interface to the entire Wordnik API. Its methods are defined...

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thredded 0.16.14

The best Rails 4.2+ forums engine ever. Its goal is to be as simple and feature rich as...

87.876 Descargas

rfeedreader 1.0.17

Feed parser to read feed and return first posts of this feed. Special parsing from sour...

83.555 Descargas

jekyll_pages_api 0.1.6

A Jekyll Plugin that generates a JSON file with data for all the Pages in your Site.

81.459 Descargas

libdolt 0.34.0

Dolt API for serving git trees and syntax highlighted blobs

79.361 Descargas

stbaldricks 9.3.0

Ruby library for accessing and integrating with the St. Baldrick's Foundation API

78.730 Descargas

caxlsx 3.0.1

xlsx spreadsheet generation with charts, images, automated column width, customizable s...

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murlsh 1.9.3

Host your bookmarks or maintain a link blog

77.908 Descargas

umlaut 4.1.7

For Libraries, a just-in-time last-mile service aggregator, taking OpenURL input

70.172 Descargas

egregious 0.2.13

Egregious is a rails based exception handling gem for well defined http exception handl...

67.066 Descargas

capillary 1.0.4

Capillary works in conjunction with capillary.js, which outputs a beautiful graphical r...

65.107 Descargas

isodoc 1.0.8

isodoc converts documents in the IsoDoc document model into Microsoft Word and HTML. T...

63.217 Descargas

national-rail 0.4.13

Includes journey planner, live departure boards (both National Rail & Virgin), and a st...

59.418 Descargas

metanorma 0.3.18

Library to process any Metanorma standard.

59.156 Descargas

oxidized-web 0.13.1

puma+sinatra+haml webUI + REST API for oxidized

58.727 Descargas

dugway 0.12.1

Dugway allows you to run your Big Cartel theme on your computer, test it in any browser...

55.393 Descargas

html2doc 0.9.2

Convert HTML document to Microsoft Word document. This gem is in active development.

53.836 Descargas

pageflow 15.0.1

Multimedia story telling for the web.

53.595 Descargas

fullstack 0.1.27

Fullstack framework

50.956 Descargas

bento_search 1.7.0

An abstraction/normalization layer for querying and displaying results for external sea...

48.496 Descargas

sifttter-redux 1.0.6

A customized IFTTT-to-Day One service that allows for smart installation and automated ...

48.033 Descargas

lightwaverf 0.14.0

Interact with lightwaverf wifi-link from code or the command line. Control your lig...

47.775 Descargas

feed_yamlizer 0.2.1

Converts feeds to YAML and converts entries to plain text

45.984 Descargas

movie-renamer 0.0.24

rename movies in a folder

43.959 Descargas

rosemary 0.4.4

OpenStreetMap API client for ruby

43.303 Descargas

docx_templater 0.2.3

Uses a .docx file with keyword tags within '||' as a template. This gem will then open ...

43.096 Descargas

virgo 0.3.17

Virgo is a comprehensive team blogging tool for Ruby on Rails

42.252 Descargas

dom 1.0.1

You can describe HTML/XML structures in Ruby language seemlessly with other parts of Ru...

41.729 Descargas

turbot-ruby-gems 0.32

Metapackage to install gems provided by Turbot.

41.380 Descargas

tarantula 0.5.1

Tarantula is a big fuzzy spider. It crawls your Rails 2.3 and 3.x applications, fuzzing...

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