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Reverse dependencies for htmlentities 4.3.4

inspec 4.3.2

InSpec provides a framework for creating end-to-end infrastructure tests. You can use i...

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premailer 1.11.1

Improve the rendering of HTML emails by making CSS inline, converting links and warning...

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email_spec 2.2.0

Easily test email in RSpec, Cucumber, and MiniTest

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axlsx 2.0.1

xlsx spreadsheet generation with charts, images, automated column width, customizable s...

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inspec-core 4.3.2

Core InSpec, local support only. See `inspec` for full support.

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truncato 0.7.11

Ruby tool for truncating HTML strings keeping a valid HTML markup

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wikicloth 0.8.3

mediawiki parser

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griddler 1.5.2

SendGrid Parse API client Rails Engine

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rbpdf 1.19.8

A template plugin allowing the inclusion of ERB-enabled RBPDF template files.

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onebox 1.8.89

A gem for generating embeddable HTML previews from URLs.

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twitter_ebooks 3.1.6

Markov chains for all your friends~

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solargraph 0.32.3

IDE tools for code completion, inline documentation, and static analysis

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rdf-rdfxml 2.2.1

RDF::RDFXML is an RDF/XML reader and writer for the RDF.rb library suite.

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rdf-rdfa 3.0.1

RDF::RDFa is an RDFa reader/writer for Ruby using the RDF.rb library suite.

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it-logica-application-backbone 1.5.3

longer description of your gem

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Active 0.1.7

Search api for Active Network

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plivo 4.3.0

The Plivo Ruby SDK makes it simpler to integrate communications into your Ruby applicat...

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rdf-microdata 2.2.3

Reads HTML Microdata as RDF.

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curb-fu 0.6.2

Friendly wrapper for curb

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govspeak 6.1.0

A set of extensions to markdown layered on top of the kramdown library for use in the U...

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oddb2xml 2.6.1

oddb2xml creates xml files using swissINDEX, BAG-XML and Swissmedic.

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t 3.1.0

A command-line power tool for Twitter.

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kuhsaft 2.6.3

Kuhsaft is a Rails engine that offers a simple CMS.

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actionmailer-text 0.1.1

Automatically insert a text/plain part into your HTML multipart e-mails.

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showoff 0.20.1

ShowOff is a Sinatra web app that reads simple configuration files for a presentation...

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html_press 0.8.2

Ruby gem for compressing html

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descartes 0.9.2

A serious modular ruby IRC bot.

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alula 0.4.27

Alula creates higly optimised static blogs while taking all the complexity and repeated...

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jekyll-import 0.18.1

Provides the Import command for Jekyll.

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wordnik 4.12

This gem provides a simple interface to the entire Wordnik API. Its methods are defined...

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